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Curs Valutar:BNR + 1% 1 EUR = 4.891 RON
Curs Valutar:BNR + 1% 1 EUR = 4.891 RON

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the Sere Transilvania team


Sere Transilvania este o firmă cu capital Româno-American. Printre investitori menționăm cele 2 fonduri de investiții care au crezut în visul nostru: New Vista Partners LLC și Sere Transilvania LLC din Delaware, US.

Sere Transilvania office


Our goal is to be leaders in providing horticultural expertise and solutions for the greenhouse market in Eastern Europe. We create value for society and a profit for our business. A profit we use to stimulate innovation and set even higher standards for helping growers perform better.

Sere Transilvania workers


We collaborate with customers and suppliers to improve our performance and to act responsibly throughout the value chain.

Core values

  • IMPROVEMENT our future is shaped by our abilities to constantly improve our abilities
  • DEDICATION we work for Sere Transilvania because we want to
  • RESPECT we treat others in the same way we would like to be treated ourselves
  • TRUST we always keep our promises

Promise to our people

  • We maintain a proactive and positive atitude
  • We are always available to help our colleagues
  • We are a team, we work like a team for common achivements
  • We care to keep Company's image clean by our own behaviour

Promise to our customers

  • We listen each client and we try to understand their needs
  • We maintain a proactive and positive atitude toward our clients
  • We treat fairly all our customers
  • We try to solve the eventual problems