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Gothic tunnel with vertical walls 10x100m, one film

EUR15,053.50 EUR12,650.00
Width 10m. Length 100m. Galvanized steel structure. One three-layered film of 200 microns. Manual lateral opening.
Width: 10m
Length: 100m
Ridge height: 4,7m
Gutter height: 2,35m
Distance between arches: 2,5m

The metallic structure is made of galvanized steel of 60mm diameter. The Sendzimir Z275 zinc-coating and the E260 steel offer the guaranty of the quality and durability of these structures. The arches are placed every 2,5m and are connected through connection profiles with lattices/gutters (diameters of 33,7mmx2mm and 28mmx1,5mm). For the gables, rectangular pipes are used of 80x80x2,5mm. We recommend for the structure to be fixed in reinforced concrete pads for a better resistance.

The entire surface of the tunnel is covered in 200μm three-layered film, sealed with zinc-coated profiles with PVC. The film is thermal and it has the following properties: UV resistant (ultraviolet), EVA resistant (elongation 600%), anti-dust exterior layer, 90% transparency, 25% diffusion, anti-condensation interior layer, 0,20mm thickness, 45 months warranty and 72 months lifespan (6 years).

Access and ventilation
The access is assured through a sliding door plated with polycarbonate and set up at one of the edges. For natural ventilation, the tunnel is equipped with a lateral opening through manual rolling of the film on both sides.

- coverage with a double three-layered film of 150/200microns, with an inflation kit
-superior opening throughout the entire length of the tunnel
- sensor automation for lateral and superior openings
- 6mm polycarbonate plating for gables and lateral sides
- irrigation system (aspersion or drip)
- heating system
- air recirculation fans
- cultivation tables
- thermal and shading screens
- various film and nets
- crops accessories
- structure accessories
- 2m distance between arches for area with high altitude and great snow loads

The transportation and installation are not included in the price.
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