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Tunnel with vertical walls 10x100m, double inflated film

EUR18,643.73 EUR15,667.00
Total surface of 1000sqm, coverage with a double inflated three-layered 200 microns film (0,20mm), inflation kit, galvanized steel structure, polycarbonate sliding door, special/PVC profiles
Width: 10m
Length: 100m
Ridge height: 4,70m
Gutter height: 2,35m
Distance between arches: 2,5m

The metallic structure is made of premium E260 round steel pipe,with 275 zinc/sqm Sendzimir galvanization. The lateral pillars and the arches have a 60mm diameter with a 2,5mm, respectively 1,5mm wall thickness. The gutters and the lattices for the crop trellising have a 33,7x2mm and 28×1,5mm diameter. The connection between the arches is made using profiles of 33,7x2mm and special profiles which also have the role of securing the film. The structure is fixed in reinforced concrete pads. The reference factor 1.0 for snow loads 90 kg/sqm+25kg/sqm culture support from the interior. Reference factor for wind load 1.2, which corresponds to gusts with a wind speed of 90 km/h. Quality screws of the 8.8 class. Life span for the metallic structure 30 years. Supplementary bracings on the ends for added resistance. Gables of gothic tunnels with vertical walls – pillars of rectangular pipe 80x80mm, 2,5mm thickness in the wall, E260 steel, Sendzimir 275g Zn/sqm galvanization.

The entire surface of the tunnel is covered in 200μm three-layered film, sealed with zinc-coated profiles with PVC. The 200microns double film with an air cushion of 15/20cm for thermal insulation is used together with an inflation kit with a pressure switch. The double film can cover the entire surface of the tunnel, thus the tunnel can be heated.

The 200microns three-layered film is thermal and has the following properties: UV resistant (ultraviolet), EVA resistant (elongation 600%), anti-dust exterior layer, 90% transparency, 25% diffusion, anti-condensation interior layer, 0,20mm thickness, 45 months warranty and 72 months lifespan (6 years).

Access and ventilation
The access is assured through a sliding door plated with polycarbonate and set up at one of the edges. For natural ventilation, the tunnel is equipped with a lateral opening through manual rolling of the film on both sides.

The transportation and installation are not included in the price.
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