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Water tanks

The Evenproducts metallic tanks are made of zinc-coated and corrugated tin and they are specially designed for keeping great volumes of water (from 9m3 to up to 288m3). The water tanks are easy to install and transport in pallet form. Each tank is accompanied by an installation manual with detailed explanations and images.

Applications of the metallic tanks:

- storing the rain water and other collected water

- storing the water for irrigation for greenhouses and tunnels and for the agricultural sector

- storing the water for household consumption

- temporary deposit for fluids or materials

- tanks for pisciculture or pools


The water tanks have as components:

- metallic walls made of corrugated zinc-coated tin which are fixed with an anchoring kit

- fleece protection textile material (250gr/m2) at the base and on the side walls of the tank

- FPP type retention film of 0,6mm - anti-algae coverage canvas with gripping using a strap 

- a 2” output at the base of the tank (optionally, one may install inputs and outputs on the side)


Dimensions and prices:

If you want a personalized offer request a quote here or inquire at the following email address or phone number +40 264 401 122. During office hours, we can often respond immediately.