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Wood burning heaters

Generator combustibil solid

The hot air generators using solid fuel that we sell are ideal for an economical heating of greenhouses and tunnels and they run using a wide range of fuels: from wood of all essences to wood wastes and sawdust.


- low installation cost

- low maintenance cost

- easy to use

- can be used for ventilation during summer

- durability and efficiency

Description and operating principles:

The fuel chambers are constructed of high grade stainless steel for long life, no fire bricks to change. The fuel is loaded through an upper separate large fuelling door while the ash is removed through an inferior access door.

These space heaters have heat outputs from 29 to 390 kW. Each model is provided with a main ventilator of great power and capacity for dispersion of the resulted hot air.

The models F28, F55sv and F85sv are available as natural flue draught workshop heaters, while the F120, F240 and F350 are fitted with supplementary fans to ensure good chimney operation and in order to help the gases resulted from the burning process to be forcefully evacuated.

The hot air generators are designed to be as efficient as possible. As compared to other similar products on the market, the wooden material consumption is lower and the resulted hot air is more efficient in heating the space. The main ventilator is activated automatically by a control panel installed on the generator. At the end of the burning cycle, the ventilator is shut down automatically.

During the warm season, the ventilator of the generator can be used as a unit for ventilation / cooling.

Generator combustibil solid

Technical characteristics:

1. Hot air delivery openings

2. Manual loading door

3. Ash disposal control door

4. Reject grate

5. Air suction grate

6. Electric panel

7. Tube cleaning inspection door

8. Air suction unit*
*for models provided with air suction unit

Models and prices

The prices do not include the VAT.

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