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Mushroom tunnels with vertical walls 6x10,5m, 63sqm

EUR36,721.02 EUR30,858.00
Mushroom tunnel build on the structure of a tunnel with vertical walls. Width 6m. Length 10,5m. Ridge height 3,90m. Gutter height 2,75m.
Width: 6m
Length: 10,5m
Total surface: 63sqm
Ridge height: 3,90m
Gutter height: 2,75m

E260 steel, galvanized at high temperatures, with a pillar and arches diameter of 60mm. The arches and pillars are positioned at 1,5m. The arches and gutters are latticed.

Coverage and thermal insulation at the roof

On the outside the coverage is made with white/green three-layered 250microns film (with glasswool of 20cm thickness mounted between the films), and on the inside 200microns transparent film.

Coverage and thermal insulation at the gables and the sides
On the sides and on the gables the coverage is made with sandwich panels of 80mm. At the corners the closings are made with aluminum corner guards.

Access areas
3 access doors are provided (dimensions 0,9mx2,0m) and they are insulated with polyurethane panels. The doors are positioned longitudinal.

The technical area
The mushroom tunnel is provided with a technical area for safekeeping the electric and electronic equipment. This area can also be used as a temporary storage area for the merchandise.
Dimensions - width 6m, length 4,5m, surface 27sqm, ridge height 3,90m, gutter height 2,75m
Structure - identical with the mushroom tunnel structure
Coverage and thermal insulation at the roof - identical with the mushroom tunnel one
Coverage and thermal insulation at the gables and sides - identical with the mushroom tunnel one

Shelves for mushroom cultivation
The support and lateral sides: galvanized steel
Stanchions: galvanized steel (40x40x2mm)
Size of a shelf line: 1,5m x 9,0m
No. of lines in a module: 2 lines
No. of shelves/levels: 4
Total cultivation surface: 108 sqm

Climate equipment (heating, cooling, ventilation) - standard system included
The standard climate equipment consists of a heating system, a cooling system and a ventilation system with a supplement of fresh air.

Details regarding the included systems:
Air treatment installation: cooling battery, heating battery, mixing chambers, recirculation fan 1900m³ 130 Pa, exhaust fan, filters tubing, manual control valves, grids, installation materials
Heat pump air-air ON/OFF 14 kW 380 V, consumption 10A heating, cooling, trail, refrigeration. Total installed power: 25A
The MUSH-ROM control panel contains: multifunctional relays with digital displays and sensors for measuring and controlling the machinery in order to regulate the internal temperature, compost temperature, CO² and RH levels, and electric materials
Installation workmanship and the commissioning of the included climate equipment.*(see the conditions)

The offered price does not include the following:
- VAT (the value added tax)
- the transportation and the unloading and storage expenses
- the installation of the structure and the pouring of the foundations and the flooring
- the necessary concrete for the concrete pads or the floor
- the drainage canals or the electric installations
- the electric cables, the electric panel
- the compost or any other product or service that is not specifically mentioned.

* The offered price includes the installation and commissioning only for the climate system, with the condition of a prior appointment and the payment for the transportation, accommodation and meals for 5 people for 6 days.
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